5 Adult Games that Are Actually Fun


Remember playing games when you were a kid?

Pin the tail on the donkey, freeze tag and hide-and-go-seek bring back some pretty fond memories.

Whether you are at a party or just hanging out with some friends, you can still enjoy playing games that aren’t only fun, but downright hilarious to watch.

Here’s a look at some that you can play the next time you are with some friends.

Human Rock Paper Scissors

This is a twist on the classic Rock Paper Scissors game you may have played as a kid.

This involves movement – A LOT OF MOVEMENT.

You can play in teams, a round robin format or just for kicks.  To start off, everyone will need to be briefed on what constitutes what.  You can use the following or create your own.

Rock – Hunched over, as if you are hugging a big round ball.  To better visualize this you can pretend you are bent over in a flexing pose as if you are a bodybuilder.

Paper – Arms straight up and slightly to the side with legs straight and slightly out to the side as well, to give the appearance of being as flat as possible…like a piece of paper.

Scissors – Both arms out in front of you with each arm going up and down in opposing manners (as one goes up, the other goes down), to mimic the action of scissors.

Opponents will stand back to back with a moderator calling out “3,2,1, shoot!”

When the call to “shoot” is made, each person will turn or jump and face each other with their “Rock, Paper or Scissors.”

You will want to put some distance in between opponents to avoid hitting each other.

Once you get started, watch the hilarity ensue.

Limbo Without The Pole

This is a fun game that will call for a paper bag or empty cereal box.

It’s a funny twist on the classic limbo game.

You’ll place the empty paper bag or cereal box bottom side down on the ground, then each person will take turns bending down to pick up the item with nothing but their mouths.

Yes, you read correctly.

The only thing that can touch the ground is their feet.  If knees or hands touch the ground then they are out of the game.

Now, with each person who successfully picks up the bag with their mouths, they will move on to the next round.  This is normally where the bar would get lowered.

In this game, you will cut off a piece of the top of the bag or box.  An inch or two should do depending on the skill level of participants.

Last person standing wins.

Who Am I?

This game is not only fun to play, but fun to watch as well.

Be warned however, that the names you place on the cards in this game could potentially cause the individual to get upset.

Remember, we warned you.

Okay, now on to what you will need.  You’ll need teams and one individual to create the cards.

A stack of index cards will do or even pieces of paper if you don’t have cards.

The individual who is not playing will write out different types of personalities such as:

  1. Drama Queen
  2. Shy Guy
  3. Short Fuse

One member of the team can either hold the card up above their head without looking at it, or it can be taped to their forehead.

The rest of the team will have conversations with the individual without saying the actual personality type.

For example, for “Drama Queen” a team member may say things like “You always seem to be dealing with SOMETHING,” or “You need to stop overreacting.”

The team with the first person, who is holding the card to guess what their card says, wins that round.

Players rotate out until everyone has gone or you run out of cards.  You can determine how the scoring goes to find a winning team, but remember to remind everyone that this is ONLY a game.

Like we mentioned earlier it’s pretty funny to watch, but participants may start to take it a bit personally.

These are all fun games to play for adults whether you are trying to find some things to do at your next party or just hanging out.

And the best part of it all is you don’t have to stick to what we’ve shared – You can make up your own rules!

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