9 Ridiculously Funny Sexting Fails


With all of the new ways to communicate online, especially with our phones how could you not use it to further your sex life? Everyone sexts. And if you claim you don’t stop lying to yourself. Regardless, sexting can be a bit of a dangerous game. You don’t know who’s looking over your shoulder or how autocorrect is going to screw you over this time. God forbid something saves to the Cloud, or you forget to delete that dick pic before your buddy scrolls through your photos. I reached out to my friends and complied some of the best worst sexting fails for your amusement. Feel free to laugh entirely at their expense.

  1. That one time you sexted your bros

“So my bros and I were hanging out and playing video games one night. I was texting this girl and things were starting to get a little steamy, and she asked for a picture. So I went into the bathroom, got naked, and took a pretty sexy picture and sent it. I guess I must have sent it to one of my guy friends because when I came out of the bathroom, they all gave me the thumbs up to send it to her.” – James P.

  1. When cleavage just isn’t enough for some people

“This guy I was talking to asked me to send him a revealing picture, so I sent him one in my bathing suit. He got greedy and asked for one in a bra and panties because we got into an argument over whether it was the same thing as a bikini. The argument got so heated it ended with us agreeing never to speak to each other again.” – Erica H.

3. When you completely forget how to function 

“My buddy just got Snapchat and immediately used it to start sexting. He slipped up and accidentally posted a dick pic to his story. He freaked out and deleted the app before driving to my house at two in the morning because he didn’t know how to delete things off his story.” – Vince R.

4. That time you decided to start watching gay porn

“I was talking to this guy and we were joking about his bubble butt. So he sent me a picture of his bare ass to be funny. My friend was looking over my shoulder and asked why I was watching gay porn…” – Leah M.

5. When you have parents that are way too tech savvy

“My mom told me to text my dad that we were on our way home from shopping. I guess she forgot that they were sexting earlier because now I’m scarred for life…” – Ryleigh S.

6. That time you sexted Maya Khalifa and a couple other AVN award winners

“I met this girl on Tinder, and we started exchanging pictures. Everything was going great until she started sending me pictures. I knew it wasn’t her because they were of two of my favorite pornstars… ” – Joseph R

7. When getting pussy pics is a bad thing

“This girl was texting me, and I could tell she was trying to get me worked up. After I let her know it was working she started sending pictures of her kitty… And by that I mean an actual feline…” – Chris C.

8. When you thought you knew how to Snapchat, but you have no idea what you’re doing

“I was starting to really like this guy and he convinced me to send him nudes. So I took a full on picture of my boobs on snapchat but my finger slipped and I ended up sexting it to a guy a barely knew. I panicked and blocked him on everything. I still haven’t talked to him and I see him on campus every day.” – Ally A.

9. When you realize you should probably reconsider bae’s nickname

“Let’s just say I sent a really, really dirty text message to the wrong ‘Daddy’ in my phone…” – Callie L.