Tips for flirty chatting and texting

We use our phones so much they might as well be a part of us. Some guy actually married his iPhone in Vegas earlier this year! Since we spend so much time of our day texting and accessing the web via smartphone, it’s only natural that we flirt with them – well in that guy’s case I guess he literally flirts with his. Whether you’re in a relationship or just starting to get to know someone, it’s become necessary to know how to flirt using phones! And more importantly to be successful in dating and relationships, you’ve gotta know how to do it well. So whether you’re an IPhone user or an Android kinda guy, listen up, because these tips are going to help up your game.

Flirty and cute

“How’s your day going?”: Many people argue that asking how someone’s day is going is a boring message to resort to. I beg to differ. Asking about your special someone’s day is an excellent way to start a conversation or to even keep it going! Shooting them a text similar to this one every once in a while shows that you’re genuinely interested in them and their mood and feelings. Make sure to ask some follow-up questions and don’t use this as an opportunity to go on about your day.

“I can’t stop thinking about you”: Letting someone know you can’t stop thinking about them is sure to get them blushing. Sending a message like this is a great way to clarify how you feel about them, especially if your flirtationship is relatively new. Signals are always getting misinterpreted, why not be straightforward?

“I can’t wait to see you again, when’s our next date?”: Everyone loves to feel wanted. By sending a text letting them know you’re impatient to see them will make them feel special. Plus, it gives you more opportunities to flirt in person and maybe even do other things if you know what I mean.

“I saw ____ and it reminded me of you”: Letting someone know that they’re on your brain is super important. If you come across something that makes you smile a little and think about that person, let them know! Especially if it’s something you both have talked about or experienced together. Texting them to tell them you heard a song that they might like or that’s by their favorite band is a perfect example of this. This shows that you’re not only thinking about them but that you’re thoughtful in general.

“Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day”: Clichés aren’t completely overrated. Sayings like these are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face fast. Use lines like these if the person on the receiving end is having a bad day or if you’re just feeling especially cheesy.

“I really like the way I feel when I’m with you”: This is another kind of warm and fuzzy text you can send to let someone know that they’re special. This shows that them that you genuinely enjoy being with them and it lets them know the attraction is something beyond the purely sexual.

Send a goofy picture: If you’re feeling silly why not send a goofy picture? This is another excellent way to get a smile on someone’s face and an even better way to start a competition of who can achieve the biggest number of double chins. Whether you’re a Snapchat user or are willing to brave sending an ugly picture through text, this is a cute and whimsical way to flirt. Show your fun side! Everyone likes a sense of humor and someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Plus, if they’ve seen you looking like a barely-human chin monster, it must be real.

“I love a guy/girl who can ____”: Compliments are key to flirtation. Let them know what you like about them! Get them blushing a little. Sending a message like this has the potential to be cutesy, naughty, or just straight up cheesy. Fill in the blank with your favorite quality about them and make their day a little brighter.

For when things heat up

“I can’t stop thinking about you in those panties/boxers”: If you catch yourself thinking about your last encounter with this person let them know. Can’t stop thinking about that last dirty picture they sent? Tell them. Let them know that you’re a little hot for them at the moment and you’ll pave the way to receive some steamy messages in return.

“Next time we’re together I’m going to do ____ to you”: If your fantasies are running wild let them know some details. If you have something special and incredibly dirty in mind for them, give them a little hint. It’ll leave them intrigued and excited for the next time you’ll see them. This also is a perfect starting point to launch into a much flirtier and filthier conversation.

“Don’t work too hard, you’ll need some energy later”: Meeting up later? Let them know to pace themselves at work because they’ll be putting in a whole lot of work later. This is a ridiculously sexy way to let them know they’re in for it later while keeping them guessing as to what’s in store.

Send a sexy picture: What’s better than a dirty text followed by a dirtier pic. Or if you’re having trouble painting them a hot picture, send one! Guys are more visual creatures, so sending a picture of you in something skimpy (or maybe nothing at all) will easily have him floored.

“I had a dirty dream about you; I’ll show you what happened in it later”: Whether you had a wet dream starring your favorite porn star or them, or a wet dream at all and just a vivid fantasy, use it as inspiration for a dirty message. Give them some details but not all of them. Leave them guessing so that when you get down to acting it out, they won’t see what’s coming.

“Come over. Now.”: Sometimes some dirty chatting just isn’t enough. Send them a message with a sense of urgency to let them know you want them now. Even if they’re unable to come over, they’ll know that they’re wanted. Just have them make it up to you later!

A couple of things to remember

Don’t be a fuckboi (or girl): There are certain kinds of messages that girls especially hate getting. Never message “haha, then what? ;)” or “what would you do if I was there?” or risk crossing over into total fuckboi territory. No one wants to be a fuckboi, much less deal with one.

Reply promptly: Everyone says to keep them guessing. To play hard to get. Well, that’s bullshit. Keeping someone waiting for a response for hours on end is boring and in the end just shows that you like to play games. Respond within a reasonable amount of time.

3 Message Rule: Sometimes people are busy. Maybe they’re in class, in the shower, at work, or taking a nap and aren’t going to be able to respond to you. Relax and follow the three message rule. After you get no response after three messages put your phone down and wait for a reply. They’ll get back to you; you just have to be patient.

Digital flirting is meant to be filler: Flirty messaging is supposed to be a filler unless you’re in a long-distance relationship of sorts. If you have a date with them in an hour, you don’t need to be texting them right up until you pick them up! It’s kinda awkward, and you’ll likely have nothing to talk about when you’re actually together!